Use cases

ClusterGX™ vAppliance for Big Data Clusters

If you are considering the benefits of Big Data but are put off by the infamous cost and complexity of deploying open source tools, then ClusterGX™ is the solution you have been waiting for. The ClusterGX™ vAppliance allows any business to deploy a state of the art big data cluster supporting the most powerful open source tools & frameworks including Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Kudu & Cassandra. ClusterGX™ uses the power of these technologies without exposing the user to the underlying complexity.

  • All the power of open source big data with none of the complexity
  • Supports the latest, most powerful big data tools and frameworks
  • Works with any commercial or open source big data application
  • AI Powered data ingestion & classification
  • Deploys in minutes with no previous experience needed
  • Infinite power - scale as many servers as you need
  • Works on-premise or on AWS
  • Become a big data expert without writing a line of code

ClusterGX™ vAppliance for Analytics & Visualization

Choosing the right analytics and visualization tools for your business can be a difficult task. There are multiple technologies to choose from - both commercial and open source - & they may or may not require some form of underlying big data or NoSQL database to operate effectively. ClusterGX™ supports many popular analytics and data visualization tools directly, each of which can be launched directly from the embedded AppHub™ appstore. Data can be ingested and classified automatically using the AI powered DataEnchilada™ Ingestion engine and then it is easy to try out the different analytics and visualization tools to see which is right for your business

  • Contrast and compare multiple analytics and visualization tools
  • Launch popular commercial & open source tools from the AppHub™ appstore
  • Supports underlying dependencies like Spark, Hadoop, Kafka etc.
  • Supports DataEnchilada™ for AI powered data ingestion and auto-classification
  • Deploy in minutes with no experience needed
  • Scale as many servers as you need
  • Works on-premise or on AWS
  • Get your analytics and visualization deployed fast and without fuss

ClusterGX™ vAppliance for Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer huge potential in the processing of large volumes of data. DeepEasy™ is a generic AI based deep-learning engine embedded inside the ClusterGX™ vAppliance operating system. DeepEasy™ is a self-learning AI which can be used to auto-classify data streams based on patterns, profiles and anomalies. DeepEasy™ is already used by DataEnchiladaTM, the data ingestion engine incorporated within the ClusterGX™ vAppliance. Development to add auto-classification for log files & sentiment and risk analysis based on social media and news RSS feeds using DeepEasy™ is currently underway. Galactic welcomes co-operation to leverage the power of DeepEasy™

  • Generic Artificial Intelligence Engine
  • Auto-data classification
  • Self-learning algorithms
  • Perfect for fast anomaly detection
  • Can scale to support thousands of data sources such as IoT sensors
  • Technology adaptable to many fields

ClusterGX™ vAppliance for DevOps Teams

The ClusterGX™ vAppliance automatically deploys Docker Container virtualization on set-up, providing the perfect platform for DevOps teams to perform Continuous Development & Continuous Integration. Combined with the embedded AppHub™ application store which provides direct access and one-click launch for thousands of open source applications, the ClusterGX™ vAppliance redefines efficiency, scalability, ease of deployment and ease of use for DevOps teams.

  • Based on Docker Container virtualization
  • Direct access to thousands of open source apps via the embedded AppStore
  • Deploy in minutes with no experience needed
  • Scale to as many servers as you need
  • Works on-premise or on AWS
  • Easy to share access for DevOps teams