Get Started with ClusterGX™

An Unreasonably Easy, Powerful & Cost-Effective Solution for Big Data.

Platform Components


ClusterGX™ allows anyone to create Docker containerized Hadoop/Spark clusters in as little as 5 minutes. ClusterGX™ deploys On-Premise, in the Cloud or as a Hybrid. It runs on Linux, Bare-Metal, Windows, MacOS or in the cloud on AWS (Azure, Google coming soon). Install each node with just a user-name & password – that’s it! It’s so easy, a child could do it (well….probably!)


CloudManager provides unique cloud based cluster monitoring, configuration & control. It manages your Big Data processes from anywhere you have Internet access. Manage multiple clusters concurrently with a single login using an attractive, easy to navigate, intuitive User Interface. CloudManager supports a common Big Data UI for all your deployments, On-Prem or in the cloud.

DataEnchilada™ is an application to simplify and automate the ingestion of data from popular on-premise and cloud based data sources such as Oracle, MySQL, Twitter & MixPanel, amongst others. Data is ingested into Kafka where Artificial Intelligence algorithms classify incoming streams and auto-generate Kafka topics. DataEnchilada™ is an application which can be launched directly from the AppHub™


The AppHub™ is an embedded mechanism for super easy application deployment, including any associated software dependencies, directly from the ClusterGX™ UI. As well as commercial Apps, the AppHub™ supports thousands of curated open source applications. The Unified Command Center is a centralized point of management for all apps launched via the AppHub™

Installation : Zero Experience Needed

Installing ClusterGX™ both on-premsie on on AWS is incredibly easy. Just click the “Create an account”” button below and complete the short registration form including your cell phone number so we can immediately send your account credentials via SMS. Check your email for the download link and follow the set-up instructions – inserting the account credentials provided when prompted. That’s it – you’re all done. In just a few minutes you will have deployed a Docker virtualized Spark/Hadoop cluster with the latest big data tools including Spark, Kafka, ElasticSearch and Cassandra amongst many others. Something that normally takes an experienced and skilled engineer many hours of error-prone command line work has been completed in minutes with Zero Experience Needed

Easy Installation

  • Installs in minutes
  • Everything included
  • Runs on standard x86 hardware
  • Unlimited scaling
  • Install on-premise or in the cloud

Single-Click Application Set-Up

Applications can either be installed manually, or launched by a single-click through the integrated AppHub™ in the ClusterGX™ dashboard. The AppHub™ provides curated access to thousands of containerized applications (both Big Data and non-Big Data apps) from repositories such as Github, all of which can be launched directly onto ClusterGX™. In addition, there are selected commercial applications being integrated into the AppHub™ which can also be launched through a single click.

Easy Application Setup

  • Integrated Application Store – the AppHub™
  • One-click application deployment
  • Links directly to 1000s of open source apps
  • Auto-Launch all associated software dependencies
  • Includes commercial big data apps

We do the heavy lifting in the Cloud

Wherever you choose to run ClusterGX™ – on-premise or on your chosen cloud provider – Galactic Exchange provides its own additional cloud service to deliver management of your cluster. Wherever you can access a web browser you can access and manage all of your clusters – with a single login.

CloudManager – Unique Cluster Cloud Management

  • Manage multiple clusters from a single login
  • Manage On-premise and AWS clusters concurrently
  • Access CloudManager from anywhere you have a web browser
  • Easily share access to your cluster(s) via CloudManager

Beautiful Simplicity and Flexibility

ClusterGX™ has been designed with the rocket science on the inside so that rocket scientists are not needed on the outside! Every time you launch an application, ClusterGX™ spins up a new container (or containers) to run that application. If your application has Big Data dependencies such as Hadoop or Spark……or other dependencies such as Impala, Kafka or Hive, ClusterGX™ automatically spins those up in parallel so your application is ready to run in. Essentially – the “plumbing” detail of containers, of Hadoop, Spark or other dependencies is hidden from you – all you need worry about is selecting and running your business applications.

Docker Container Flexibility

  • Compared to VMs, Containers generate virtually zero resource overhead
  • Spin-up Containers on-demand in seconds
  • Auto-generate & connect Containers based on application requirements
  • Eliminate virtualization complexity

ClusterGX™ Options & Pricing

ClusterGX™ Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is totally free and comes with free cluster management via our unique CloudManager service. The Standard Edition offers unlimited scaling, either on-premise or in the cloud. Support is provided through our online community forum. Deployed on AWS as a totally free alternative to EMR, a 50 node Standard Edition cluster can save up to $118,000 per year in EMR charges (100% savings)

ClusterGX™ Premium Edition

The Premium Edition delivers the same functionality as the Standard Edition, including unlimited scaling, the option for a Private-Cloud deployment (for an additional fee). Support is provided through our online community forum as well as email and 5/8 telephone support. Premium Edition Pricing will be confirmed in the near future

ClusterGX™ Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition delivers all the features of the Premium Edition with additional Enterprise functionality which will be added as the technology matures. Support will be provided through our online community forum as well as by email & telephone. Enterprise Edition pricing has not yet been announced but will still generate huge savings over Amazon EMR

ClusterGX™ Edition Options

Standard Edition Premium Edition Enterprise Edition
Physical Node/VM Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Deploys Spark/Kafka/Elastic/Cassandra++ Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Docker Container Virtualization Yes Yes Yes
CloudManager Cluster Management Yes Yes Yes
Private-Cloud Deployment Option No Optional (charges apply) Optional (charges apply)
Integrated AppHub™ Yes Yes Yes
Support for Big Data & Non-Big Data Apps Yes Yes Yes
Feature Set Standard Standard+ Enterprise
On-Premise Deployment Cost* FREE $TBC per CPU core per year $TBC per CPU core per year
In Cloud Deployment Cost* FREE $TBC per instance per month $TBC per instance per month
Data Volume or User Limits No Limits No Limits No Limits
Support Online Forum Forum+Email (phone option) Forum+Email+Phone
Application Integration Support Project Based Project Based Project Based

* Deployment costs shown based on typical preferred payment cycle. A 20% discount is available for cloud subscriptions paid annually

Amazon EMR versus ClusterGX™

Equivalent Cost Per AWS Instance PER HOUR Equivalent Cost Per AWS Instance PER MONTH Equivalent Cost Per AWS Instance PER ANNUM
ClusterGX Pricing*
Standard Edition (any AWS instance type) FREE FREE FREE
Premium Edition (any AWS instance type) $TBC $TBC $TBC
Enterprise Edition (any AWS instance type) $TBC $TBC $TBC
Sample Amazon EMR Pricing
General Purpose 16 core AWS instance
(example: m4.4xlarge)
$0.240 $175.20 $2,102.40
Compute Optimised 16 core AWS instance.
(example: c4.4xlarge)
$0.210 $153.30 $1,839.60
Memory Optimized 16 core AWS instance
(example: r3.4xlarge)
$0.270 $197.10 $2,365.20
Storage Optimized 16 core AWS instance
(example: d2.4xlarge)
$0.270 $197.10 $2,365.20

* ClusterGX pricing is dependent on the Edition deployed and does not vary with Amazon Instance type
– Amazon Pricing accurate as of March 6th 2017
– See current Amazon EMR pricing by instance type here –
– In both ClusterGX and EMR cases above, the cost of the AWS instances themselves is in addition to these costs