The ClusterGX™ vAppliance

An Unreasonably Simple, Powerful & Cost-Effective Platform for Data Analysis & Visualization

The ClusterGX™ vAppliance platform is made up of several discrete components which in combination provide the most complete end-to-end big data solution on the market today. ClusterGX™ uniquely combines the functions of a scalable Enterprise Data Hub (the Spark/Hadoop/Kafka etc. processing engine) with an automated data ingestion tool (DataEnchilada™), an embedded application store (the AppHub™) and a generic Artifical Intelligence engine (DeepEasy™). Within a single platform it is possible to set-up the processing clusters, ingest and auto-classify data and then launch applications to analyse and visualize the data, all using a single intuitive user-interface. With our myopic focus on cost reduction and ease-of-use, big data business intelligence is now an option for every business.

ClusterGX™ vAppliance Platform Components

ClusterGX™ Enterprise Hub

The ClusterGX™ Enterprise Hub is the underlying data engine upon which the ClusterGX™ platform and its various component pieces are supported. ClusterGX™ Enterprsie Hub is based on  the same powerful & broadly adopted open source technologies that successfully drive big data deployments at the world's largest businesses. The ClusterGX™ Enterprise Hub is a big data platform that hides the underlying open source complexity.


The AppHub™ Integrated AppStore

The AppHub™ is an AppStore embedded within the UI of the ClusterGX™ platform. The AppHub™ provides direct access to thousands of open source and commercial tools and applications which can further enhance the analysis and visualization of data ingested into the platform. The AppHub™ provides an easy mechanism for searching through the available applications and a point-and-click launch mechanism.

DataEnchilada™ Data Ingestion

DataEnchilada™ is a mechanism for automating ingestion of data from popular on-premise and cloud based data sources such as Oracle, MySQL, Twitter, MixPanel, log files or any others as needed. Static or streaming data is ingested into the ClusterGX™ platform where the embedded artifical intelligence engine (DeepEasy™) will auto-classify incoming streams and immediately make them available for analysis. 

DeepEasy™ Artificial Intelligence Engine

DeepEasy™ is a Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence engine embedded within the heart of the ClusterGX™ platform. Using self-learning algorithms, DeepEasy™ is able to analyze large volumes of streaming data from disparate data sources and make data classification decisions without user input. With additional tuning DeepEasy™ can be optimized to provide a specific type of feedback from almost any data source.

Easy, Fast Deployment : Zero Experience Needed

Installing the ClusterGX™ vAppliance, both on-premise or on AWS, is incredibly simple. Just click the “Create an account”” button below and complete the short registration form including your cell phone number. We will immediately send your account credentials via SMS. Check your email for the download link and follow the set-up instructions – inserting the account credentials provided when prompted. That’s it – you’re all done. In just a few minutes you will have deployed a Big Data platform supporting the most powerful open source tools - and all the complextiy is hidden from you. Something that normally takes an experienced and skilled engineer many hours of error-prone command line work has been completed in minutes with Zero Experience Needed

  • Installs in minutes, on-premise or on AWS
  • Auto-deploys Docker Container Virtualization
  • Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Kudu, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and more
  • Runs on standard x86 hardware
  • vAppliances auto-cluster as you grow - unlimited scaling
  • Starts from FREE (ClusterGX™ Standard Edition)
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AI-Powered Data Ingestion with DataEnchilada™

A big data platform is nothing without data to process. ClusterGX™ allows manual data ingestion but also integrates its own data ingestion tool – DataEnchiliada™. Designed specifically to simplify and accelerate the process of data ingestion, DataEnchiliada™ utilizes an easy set-up wizard to make ingestion of data from common on-premise and cloud data sources straightforward. Whether it is local log files, SQL databases, Twitter, Facebook, MixPanel, HTTP feeds or others yet to be added – DataEnchiliada™ ingests both static and streaming traffic. DataEnchilada™ is the first application to take advantage of Galactic’s proprietary Artificial-Intelligence engine (DeepEasy™) built into the heart of ClusterGX™. Using AI, DataEnchilada™ self-classifies incoming data streams and makes them immediately available for query.

Automated Data Ingestion Tool
  • Easily ingest popular on-premise and cloud data sources
  • Ingest both static and streaming data sources
  • AI engine auto-classifies data for easier analysis
  • Data immediately ready for query – no coding required

Single-Click App Launch – BI and Visualization Tools Made Easy

Galactice exchange inline feature setup

Analytics, Visualization and other Business Intelligence applications can either be installed manually, or launched by a single-click through the integrated AppHub™ in the ClusterGX™ dashboard. The AppHub™ provides curated access to thousands of containerized applications (both Big Data and non-Big Data apps) from repositories such as Github and Docker Hub, all of which can be launched directly from the AppHub™ onto ClusterGX™. In addition, there are selected commercial applications being integrated into the AppHub™ which can also be launched with a single click. Just like a smartphone, the AppHub™ makes finding and launching applications a breeze.

Easy Application Launch
  • Integrated Application Store – the AppHub™
  • One-click application deployment
  • Links directly to 1000s of open source apps
  • Includes commercial big data apps

Management Made Easy with CloudManager

Wherever you choose to run ClusterGX™, on-premise or on AWS, Galactic Exchange provides CloudManager, a service to deliver cloud management of your platform. Wherever you can access a web browser you can access and manage any number of ClusterGX™ deployments – with a single login. See all of your ClusterGX™ deployments in one place and drill down to manage each as required. The look and feel of your on-premise and AWS deployments is identical, further streamlining operational running.

CloudManager – Unique ClusterGX™ Cloud Management
  • Manage multiple ClusterGX™ deployments with a single login
  • Manage ClusterGX™ On-premise and on AWS concurrently with an identical UI
  • Access CloudManager from anywhere you have a web browser
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ClusterGXâ„¢ Edition Options
  Standard Edition Premium/Enterprise Edition Full-Service
Physical Node/VM Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Deploys Spark/Kafka/Elastic/Cassandra++ Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Docker Container Virtualization Yes Yes Yes
CloudManager Cluster Management Yes Yes Yes
Private-Cloud Deployment Option No Optional (charges apply) Optional
Integrated AppHub™ Yes Yes Yes
Support for Big Data & Non-Big Data Apps Yes Yes Yes
General Cluster Feature Set Standard Premium/Enterprise Enterprise
DataEnchilada™ Data Ingestion Support Limited to 1 data source Edition dependent 12
Add More DataEnchilada™ Data Sources No Yes Yes
On-Premise Deployment Cost FREE From $2,995 per node per annum $19,995 per annum for upto 25 nodes
AWS Deployment Cost FREE From $2,995 per node per annum $19,995 per annum for upto 25 nodes
Data Volume or User Limits No Limits No Limits No Limits
Support Online Forum 5/8 Telephone, Email & Forum 24/7 Telephone, Email & Forum
Fully Managed "White-Glove" Service No No Yes