Use Cases

ClusterGX™ For Containerized Big Data

Simplified And Accelerated Big Data Proof Of Concepts (PoC)

  • Reduce Hadoop/Spark deployment time from days and weeks to minutes
  • So easy to set up – your Mom could do it (really!)
  • Start small and grow as big as you need
  • Perfect for newbies to Big Data
  • Perfect for experienced hands just wanting to cut through the complexity
  • Test the Big Data application of your choice in a real-world cluster environment
  • Deploy a Big Data PoC in minutes, not days or weeks
  • One-click deployment of Big Data apps via integrated AppStore*
  • Auto spin-up all relevant application dependencies (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Hive, Impala etc.) without manual intervention
  • Optional 24/7 remote cluster monitoring service to drive PoC success

Concurrent Multi-Version Hadoop/Spark Support

Cluster/Data/Application Secure Sharing Platform

  • Using containers, support different versions of Hadoop/Spark on the same cluster concurrently
  • Ensure each application runs with its optimal Spark/Hadoop version
  • Eradicate requirement for separate clusters for each application needing different Hadoop/Spark versions
  • Reduce cloud compute costs by up to 80%
  • Easily provide secure, shared access to your cluster
  • Share access to data, cluster compute power or applications
  • Share inside or outside your organization
  • Allow remote users to bring their applications to your data instead of sending your data to them
  • Turn your data and cluster into a company wide asset

Slash Cloud Compute Big Data And Web Application Hosting Costs By Up to 80%

DevOps Containered Clusters with Embedded AppStore

  • Run multiple containers on the same VM or Bare Metal Server at no extra cost
  • Support the Applications optimal version of Hadoop/Spark per container
  • Remove need for separate VMs or separate clusters for different applications
  • Hugely reduce recurring cloud provider compute costs
  • Easiest To Use Container Platform In The Industry
  • Accelerate Application Research, Review, Test And Deploy Process
  • Direct Link To Container App Repositories Such As Github Through Integrated Appstore*
  • One-Click Application Deployment

Containerized General Purpose Corporate Cluster

  • Gain the efficiency of a Containerized Virtualized cluster
  • Take back control of your server infrastructure
  • Stop server sprawl
  • Save money through increased server utilization
  • Maintain departmental independence