Robert Mustarde
Oct 13 2016

Roll-Up, Roll-Up!! It’s Beta Time for ClusterGX, the Easiest Hadoop/Spark Clustering Solution in the World Main.large


We’ve told you its coming – and, well, now it’s here. Beta for ClusterGX, our 5-minute install Big Data clustering solution, is ready.

We have a vision at Galactic Exchange. That vision is to take the complexity of deploying Big Data infrastructure, and simplify it to a level that makes it easily accessible for all. We live in a world where the spend on Big Data and analytics is already North of a hundred billion dollars per annum. We also live in a world where more than 50% of that spend is on services because of sheer complexity. The good news for the service guys is that the Big Data world is always going to need IT Consultants, Big Data Architects and Data Scientists. But now, with ClusterGX you can focus more of those service dollars on the actual data & applications. With ClusterGX you can stop worrying about the complexity of the underlying infrastructure. Both deployment and day to day cluster management have never (ever!) been this easy. ClusterGX supports Apache and popular commercial Hadoop distributions. It can be deployed on-premise and (shortly) on AWS. Even better – the community edition is totally FREE. Yes, you can choose to pay someone a small fortune to come and spend a few days deploying CDH for you. Alternatively your average IT guy can deploy ClusterGX in as little as 5 minutes – no experience needed – and that small fortune can instead be spent unlocking the secrets hidden inside your data! Of course, if you do need a little help, we’re here to assist. Beta is starting. If you are interested in taking part we welcome your application to participate. Please register here. If you would like to see a video demo of how easy it is to deploy Cloudera CDH using ClusterGX, click here