Robert Mustarde
Sep 02 2016

Are You Over Paying for Big Data Services?


I don’t believe anyone would dispute that, for the uninitiated, the complex world of big data software is totally daunting. In fact I’ve heard it described in terms a lot more colorful than that – but I’ll spare your blushes on that front!

A Gold Mine of Open Source, Big Data Projects

There are simply dozens of open source projects revolving around the core platforms of Hadoop and Spark. They are a veritable gold mine of creative names: Kakfa,Hive,Pig,Sqoop,Flume,Impala,Drill to name but a few. Each project typically exists for the specific purpose of making the “whole” better. Somehow.

Better, Yet More Complex

To be fair, each project typically does make the entire ecosystem better. Each fixes a specific problem, perhaps by making something possible that was previously not possible, or accelerating the way something is done. The benefit of each new project is not in question – it is the fact that their mere existence adds complexity. This compounds the preface that Big Data is just plain hard.

Easy Does Not Mean Low Cost

Thus it is no surprise that when Big Data dollars are broken down into hardware, software and services, the services side wins the lion’s share of the global spend. Any one of those 50 or so open source projects is not a big data solution in its own right. Like a very complex lego set, the proof is in the integration of the right pieces. Integration which eventually allows you to ingest your data, transform it, and make it available for your Business Intelligence or Analytics platform to work its magic. Precisely because it is so complex, you pay people for their services to deliver that magic. Many vendors claim to“Make Big Data Easy”. However, this is all-too-often a euphemism for,“Yes, it’s really hard, so pay us to do it for you”. To be fair, without a better alternative, that’s not totally unreasonable.

Making Complexity Easy and Free

But now there is an alternative. Galactic Exchange makes previously complex tasks almost trivial. For example, with zero big data knowledge and with just a few clicks, ClusterGX™ will enable anyone to deploy a Docker Container virtualized, Cloudera CDH Hadoop cluster, in 10 minutes or less. Really. It is so easy your Mom could do it (well, probably). With the availability of our integrated AppStore in the coming quarter, the deployment of an enterprise application on top of this cluster can be done with a single click. Best of all, ClusterGX™ Community Edition is a Free Download. You can register your interest on the web site today – we expect beta to be available at the end of September.