Robert Mustarde
Aug 29 2016

When it Comes to Big Data, Dad got it right!


We all attempt different and sometimes difficult things to try and get ahead in life. In business, whenever I have questioned my resolve on some task or challenge, I recall an old adage that my Dad used to say, “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”……

The World of Big Data

The same principle applies in the world of Hadoop, Spark and Big Data generally. Large and typically cash-rich companies – the 1% – are spending money on innovative Big Data applications to get ahead. And of course, if it was easy, then all businesses would be doing it. But what if it actually could be so easy that literally anyone could do it, how might that disrupt the status quo? With that opening gambit, let me welcome you to what I hope will be an engaging dialogue. If you have never heard of Galactic Exchange – where have you been ?! Seriously, we hope to put ourselves on the Big Data map in the coming months, as we start to make our technology available for everyone to play with. We appreciate your feedback on everything you see and hear.

In the Business of Simplicity.

Who (and what) is Galactic Exchange? There was a clue in the opening paragraphs of course. If I was going to condense it down to a single word, I would say we are in the business of simplicity. If I were to expand that to a complete sentence I would tell you this: “We make deploying Big Data infrastructure & applications incredibly easy, by creating an abstraction layer between the complexity of the myriad big data open source projects, and the experience and skill sets available in the majority of organizations”.

Making Complexity Disappear

Our vision is not to off-load complexity from you onto us, and charge you for the privilege. Instead, we prefer to make that complexity disappear completely. In a perfect world, a big data infrastructure would act like a black box. You feed your data in at one end and apply your business analytics at the other end. Today, instead of a black box, organizations are forced to deal with immense complexity, blindly stumbling through some 50-odd open source big data projects, in the hope of finding nirvana. At Galactic Exchange we have created an abstraction layer – what we call ClusterGX™ – to help remove that complexity. ClusterGX™ acts like a black box wrapper around complexity, automating the deployment of various software components, whilst providing a simple and intuitive management interface to help facilitate releasing the value within your data. There is a lot of complexity out there that needs simplifying. The road ahead is surely going to be long and bumpy. We know our journey has just started. But as my Dad always said – if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!