Easily Deploy Artificial Intelligence on a Self-Contained Big Data Platform

Successful AI for a fixed, flat fee


A Simpler Way to AI

Bringing the power of AI to your business can be a complex task. There are hundreds of open source and commercial tools available but everything is fraught with complexity and cost. Tools have to be connected, data ingested and the data science planned. Galactic Exchange solves this complexity with a single unified AI and big data appliance which is a breeze to deploy. We are so confident that our platform works - we'll even build and manage your entire system for you, for a fixed low annual fee


AI Tuned to Your Data

Getting data into your deployment is the key to unlocking the secrets inside. Our platform has a simplified tool for ingesting data from both on-premise and cloud data sources. If we don't support your specific data sources - we'll find a way to ingest it anyway. Then we determine the optimal AI algorithms to work on the data sources you provide and then agree the analysis outcomes that we are seeking. Ingesting data and applying AI has never been this easy.


The Latest Open Source Tools

Easy and cost-efficient does not mean compromised or technology "lite". We use the most powerful, popular & widely deployed open source software that the industry provides. Each deployment is driven by the same technologies that power the AI and big data deployments of the largest corporations & governments in the world. If you care about the technology - you can see a list of some of them below.


AI for a Fixed Fee

AI and Big Data is complex - so let us do the hard work for you. We can deploy our platform on your premise or your cloud environment so your data is secure. We can scale the deployment as big as you need through our embedded clustering capability and then work with you to optimize our AI algorithms to deliver the outcomes you seek from your data. If you don't like surprises then our fixed fee offering is the perfect option.

Galactic Exchange was founded on the vision of making complex technologies easier for everyone to use. Specifically in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, there is an abundance of powerful open source software which is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace and which brings with it extreme complexity. At Galactic Exchange our ClusterAI™ vAppliance platform provides the power of these rapidly evolving technologies but delivers them in a manner which abstracts the underlying complexity - leaving the user to focus on what matters most to them, the data. If you are interested in how our ClusterAI™ platform can improve your business processes we will be happy to deploy it, ingest your data, and then select an optimize the right AI algorithms for your environment. Thereafter we'll manage and monitor the entire system for you. We will do all of this for a fixed, flat fee. When it comes to taking the first steps into AI - it doesn't get any easier than this. For more details - click here.