A simpler way.

No Big Data experience–no problem

Galactic Exchange automatically assembles your desktops and servers into Hadoop and Spark clusters – no experience necessary.

Clusters Simplified


We manage it for you.

We make Hadoop/Spark clusters super easy to deploy & manage

Our unique cloud management does all the Cluster & Master Node heavy lifting, so you can take it easy.

Easy Management


Based on alien technology.

Well, almost

We combine our rocket science with elements such as Docker, Apache Mesos and more to help everything run efficiently.

Our Technology


5-minute install.

No experience needed … really … none

Lots of companies talk about making things easy – but easy is a relative term. If you can install an smartphone app then you can install ClusterGX™.

How it Works

Ease of use aside, Galactic Exchange is pioneering advances in two distinct areas. They are not encumbered by legacy VM constraints, so they are catching the Container wave and creating this new ground-breaking management approach by both using and enhancing the flexibility and agility of a Docker-centric architecture. Second, by moving the complexity of cluster and Hadoop/Spark management into their cloud service while preserving all big data and computing nodes on-premise, they are really simplifying and accelerating customer adoption.

They are essentially unlocking the opportunity for many more businesses to take easy advantage of new analysis solutions, data lakes, and even IoT opportunities. We view this smart cloud-centered management approach as a very positive trend which we are starting to also see in a number of other areas.

Mike MatchettSenior Analyst, Taneja Group

The Big Data market has grown rapidly to be a multi-billion dollar industry but it is generally recognized that continued complexity is the greatest barrier to broad adoption. Anything which helps reduce this complexity and accelerate the time to value for an organization must be a considered a very positive thing.

Nik RoudaSenior Analyst for Big Data, ESG-Global

Galactic Exchange came out of stealth mode today with a great idea. It claims it can spin up a Hadoop cluster for you in 5 minutes, ready to go. That’s no small feat if it works as advertised and greatly simplifies what has traditionally been a process wrought with complexity.

Ron Miller Techcrunch